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I am a crypto analyst. I am responsible for analyzing and predicting trends, pricing, demand, and trading volumes of any number of cryptocurrencies currently available.

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Is Crypto Trading Profitable?

2 years ago 5 mins read

An increasing number of people are now entering the crypto markets, thanks to cryptocurrencies exploding in popularity in recent years. The majority of these investors have a common goal: to invest in cryptocurrencies to make large profits. Undoubtedly, while some people consider the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets to be a bit too risky, others see a golden opportunity to make enormous profits. So how profitable is crypto trading actually? Let’s find out. But first, let’s look at how crypto markets work. Pros of the Crypto Market: There are thousands of cryptocurrencies that traders can choose from today. There are

The South Korean Tax Authority seizes $184 million in crypto that belonged to tax evaders

2 years ago 1 min read

The South Korean Tax Authority has reportedly seized 260 billion won (around $184.3 million) in cryptocurrency that belonged to tax evaders, local news site Yonhap News said on Thursday. However, the organization put a freeze on that sum from 2021 to 2022. According to information provided by Kin Sang Hoon, a member of the country’s parliament, the greatest sum ever seized from a single tax evader was $8.87 million. He claimed that the defendant owned cryptocurrency assets such as Ripple’s XRP and Bitcoin. It’s important to note that South Korea‘s implied rule requires cryptocurrency exchanges to give tax authorities information