Binance executive’s tax evasion case in Nigeria postponed, next hearing set for April 19

Binance executive's tax evasion case in Nigeria postponed

Tigran Gambaryan, a high-ranking Binance executive in Nigeria, has been apprehended for the act of deliberately avoiding tax payments and is currently being prosecuted, along with the firm, for failing to fulfill specific tax obligations and purportedly assisting customers in evading taxes.

Justice Emeka Nwite delayed the proceedings after Gambaryan had lately became aware of the charges. Gambaryan’s imprisonment by the EFCC, a separate federal agency, was the cause of the delay in serving the charges.

The Central Bank Governor has accused Binance of facilitating $26 billion worth of untraceable transactions, hence emphasizing the existing friction between the government and crypto platforms.

Binance has provided a defense for Gambaryan, asserting that he does not possess authority to make decisions within the firm.

During the court hearing, there was a dispute on the correct method of serving Binance charges through Gambaryan, with his lawyer contending that required protocols were not adhered to.

Gambaryan is currently being held in EFCC custody as the case continues, and the crypto community is closely monitoring the situation.

Despite the legal difficulties, Binance’s BNB crypto has had a 6.5% surge in value, currently trading at $593.

A month ago, Binance exchange has said it will leave the Nigerian market and stop all services that use the Nigerian naira (NGN), which is the country’s official currency.


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