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Ark Invest Takes Another Step Towards Bitcoin ETF with Third Amendment Submission

Ark Invest Submits Third Amendment in Ongoing Pursuit of Bitcoin ETF Approval

Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest has submitted a third amendment that significantly improves the application. The disclosure of a fee has sparked interest in this unexpected development in the financial industry.

Expert on Bloomberg ETFs Eric Balchunas praised the action as “a positive step forward” in getting approval from the US SEC.

The striking feature is how transparent Ark Invest is about its fees; ARKB will charge 80 basis points (bps). This is a ground-breaking move because Ark Invest is the first issuer to formally reveal this kind of fee, in line with the increasing demand in the ETF market for transparent fee arrangements.

The third amendment brings about a number of significant enhancements, with a particular emphasis on improved risk disclosures. This action is regarded as a calculated reaction to the Corporation Finance (Corp Fin) Division of the SEC’s concerns.

Ark Invest‘s dedication to a hybrid paradigm that incorporates in-kind creations and redemptions is particularly noteworthy. This strategy seeks to efficiently handle any spread difficulties and lessen the impact on taxes.

The SEC’s Trading and Markets division was quoted in earlier reports by Bloomberg’s James Seyffart discussing the reason for the delay in approving spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Delays are common and are frequently seen as positive indicators of a thorough regulatory review. Seyffart conjectured that the final judgment date might be delayed by at least 35 days during the SEC’s comment period.

The results of Ark Invest’s proactive changes to its Bitcoin ETF application are now eagerly awaited by the financial community.


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