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Binance unveils new initiative to connect institutional capital with crypto funds

Binance seeks to bridge institutional capital and crypto funds with new service

Binance has unveiled Capital Connect, a self-service platform that aims to facilitate connections between institutional capital and crypto funds.

The platform intends to set a disclosure standard for market participants handling size, which will allow investors to review detailed fund information before potentially opening lines of communication.

The data shared will include assets under management, performance records, and minimum investment amounts, among other details.

The platform is targeted at asset and fund managers, hedge funds, family offices, high net-worth individuals, liquidity providers, and corporations.

However, Binance clarified that the platform won’t be available to users in the US. To participate, both investors and investment managers must complete Binance Institutional’s know-your-customer verification, and the platform is open to Binance VIP-level users.


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