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Brave Browser joins forces with Inspect to Redefine Web3 Browsing

Inspect has joined forces with Brave Browser

Inspect has joined forces with Brave Browser to provide millions of users with an enhanced browsing experience focused on privacy and accessibility.

Inspect, a prominent player in the Web3 arena, has partnered with Brave, a well-known privacy-oriented web browser, catering to users concerned about online privacy.

This collaboration is set to bring Inspect to more than 57 million Brave users, allowing them to access the first Layer 2 solution built on the X (formerly known as Twitter) platform.

Inspect is at the forefront of bridging the gap to Web3, making it easier for the next wave of retail users to enter the market with native extensions.

One of Inspect’s notable offerings is its groundbreaking Layer 2 solutions for Crypto Twitter, which are revolutionizing the intersection of crypto and social media.

However, the partnership with Brave Browser has the potential to expand its reach and influence, benefiting both existing Brave users and newcomers to the Inspect ecosystem.


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