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The founder of Cardano Remains Firm on XRP Criticism Despite Backlash

Charles Hoskinson Stands Ground on XRP Critique Amid Backlash, Questions Bitcoin's Necessity

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has upheld his critical stance on XRP, asserting that XRP lacks both partnership and technical value.

This reaffirmation comes a year after his initial comments and follows persistent harassment from the XRP community spanning two years.

When questioned about his viewpoint on XRP, Hoskinson highlighted the ongoing harassment and underscored the absence of technical parallels between Cardano and XRP as the basis for his assertions.

According to Hoskinson, the objectives of the company behind XRP differ significantly and do not align with the technological goals of platforms like Cardano or Ethereum.

After receiving a barrage of criticism from the XRP community for his views, Hoskinson stated that he expects more negative reactions as a result of his recent statements.

Hoskinson clarified in a detailed video explanation that his remarks about XRP and Ripple reflect personal opinions rather than an outright attack.

He distinguished Ripple as an interbank settlement system, emphasizing the difference between it and decentralized smart contract systems such as Cardano.

Amidst the backlash, Hoskinson has decided to cease discussions on XRP to mitigate further conflicts. Additionally, he stirred controversy by suggesting that the crypto industry doesn’t necessarily need Bitcoin for its survival, a viewpoint that diverges from the widely held belief within the crypto community.


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