Visa has announced the extension of its stablecoin settlement capabilities to the Solana blockchain
3 weeks ago 1 min read

Visa Enables $USDC Transactions on Solana Blockchain

Visa has announced the extension of its stablecoin settlement capabilities to the Solana blockchain, in addition to its existing support for Ethereum. This expansion comes as part of a collaborative effort with merchant acquirers Worldpay and Nuvei, marking a pivotal moment in the world of digital payments. Visa has already taken steps to put this into practice, conducting live pilot programs that involved the transfer of millions of USDC stablecoins across both the Solana and Ethereum blockchain networks. These transactions were instrumental in settling fiat-denominated payments, all authorized via Visa’s global payment network, VisaNet. Visa had previously utilized USDC stablecoins

Binance Japan
4 weeks ago 1 min read

Binance Japan Aims to List 100 Tokens, Triple the Current Number

Binance Japan, recently launched with comprehensive services, has unveiled ambitious plans to significantly diversify its token offerings. The exchange intends to provide a selection of at least 100 tokens on its platform in the near future, a threefold increase from its current range. This revelation stems from a recent Bloomberg report. Binance Japan’s representative shared during an online briefing that the exchange is actively working towards enhancing liquidity within the local crypto market. The strategy involves collaborating with other domestic cryptocurrency exchanges to ensure smoother and more robust market conditions. This collaborative approach is intended to bolster trading experiences for

Binance has introduced an innovative crypto transfer service called Send Cash.
4 weeks ago 1 min read

Binance Introduces Crypto Transfer Service in 9 Latin American Countries

Binance crypto exchange has introduced an innovative cryptocurrency transfer service called Send Cash. This service is geared towards enhancing the convenience of crypto transactions for users across Latin America. By leveraging Binance Pay, users in nine Latin American countries can now seamlessly transfer cryptocurrencies. Binance’s recent move is in direct response to the distinct challenges faced by citizens in the Latin American region. With Send Cash, the platform aims to provide solutions that cater specifically to these challenges, ultimately making cryptocurrency usage more accessible and efficient. According to an official statement released on August 29, Binance’s Send Cash service is

BlockFi Challenges FTX and Three Arrows Capital on $5 Billion Recovery
1 month ago 1 min read

BlockFi Takes on FTX and Three Arrows Capital Over $5 Billion Recovery Dispute

Bankrupt cryptocurrency lender BlockFi is pushing back against efforts by FTX and Three Arrows Capital (3AC) to claim billions of dollars that changed hands between the companies before their respective collapses last year. In a recent court filing on Monday, BlockFi contested FTX and Three Arrows Capital’s $5 billion claim, alleging that the two entities have unfairly victimized it. BlockFi argued in the filing that the legal doctrine of “unclean hands” should be invoked to prevent future inequities toward BlockFi’s creditors. The ongoing conflict could significantly influence the repayment amounts distributed to individual creditors in the bankruptcy cases of BlockFi,

Atomic Wallet Targeted in $100M Lawsuit
1 month ago 1 min read

Atomic Wallet Sued for Negligence Following $100M Crypto Loss Incident

A group of cryptocurrency investors have taken legal action against Atomic Wallet after a security breach that resulted in $100 million in losses this past June. The incident has led to a class action lawsuit, with numerous high-net-worth investors from Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States joining forces to seek compensation. According to a report by IntelliNews on August 21, the disgruntled investors, under the coordination of German lawyer Max Gutbrod and Boris Feldman, co-founder of Moscow legaltech firm Destra Legal, are pursuing their claims against the cryptocurrency wallet provider. The investors, numbering around 50, had collectively lost approximately

Nomura's Crypto Initiative Receives Full Operating License in Dubai
1 month ago 1 min read

Nomura’s Crypto Venture Secures Full Operating License in Dubai

Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) has awarded a comprehensive operating license to Komainu, a crypto joint venture comprising Nomura, CoinShares, and Ledger. The regulatory authority’s supportive stance towards crypto startups, coupled with its favorable laws and funding initiatives, has led to an encouraging environment for the industry’s growth in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The UAE government has proactively fostered a conducive ecosystem for crypto startups by offering financial backing and enacting industry-friendly regulations. VARA’s crypto exchange licensing process in Dubai follows three stages: provisional approval, a minimal viable product (MVP) license, and a full market product license. Komainu,

Thailand Takes Aim at Facebook Over Alleged Crypto Scam Ads
1 month ago 1 min read

Facebook Faces Potential Shutdown in Thailand Over Alleged Crypto Scam Ad Promotion

The Thai government has reportedly considered taking legal action to shut down Facebook in the country due to its alleged role in promoting fake investment scam ads. The platform is accused of misleading over 200,000 individuals through these scams, prompting authorities to address the security concerns posed by the social media giant. Amidst growing concerns about fake investment scams, Thailand’s Minister of Digital Economy and Society (MDES), Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn, along with other ministry leaders, conducted a meeting on August 21 to discuss Facebook’s involvement in misleading the public. The platform is accused of aiding scammers who exploited the community with

Oman's Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology (MTCIT) has unveiled an initiative by inaugurating a data hosting and crypto mining center in the Salalah Free Zone.
1 month ago 2 mins read

Oman Launches $350 Million Crypto Mining Center, Making Waves in the Industry

Oman’s Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology (MTCIT) has unveiled an initiative by inaugurating a data hosting and crypto mining center in the Salalah Free Zone. With an estimated value exceeding RO 135 million (around $350 million), this strategic move marks Oman’s foray into the global cryptocurrency and data hosting arena while contributing to its economic growth. Oman has taken a decisive step by launching its second cryptocurrency mining center, following the announcement of another facility in November 2022 valued at nearly $390 million. This combined investment of $740 million is poised to elevate the nation’s digital economy, create

Terra's Website Hacked
1 month ago 1 min read

Terra’s Website Hacked! Developers Release Urgent Warning

A concerning development has shaken the Terra community, as the official website of the platform has fallen victim to a phishing attack. This unauthorized intrusion poses a potential threat to users’ digital assets, urging caution and heightened vigilance within the Terra ecosystem. The official Terra website has been infiltrated and replaced with a malicious phishing site, prompting immediate warnings to the user base. In a stark cautionary measure, Terra users are advised to refrain from interacting with the compromised Terra(dot)money domain, as it has transformed into a treacherous trap. To combat the unfolding situation, the official Terra Twitter account has

Nodal Power
1 month ago 2 mins read

Nodal Power Raises $13 Million in Seed Funding to Accelerate Renewable Energy Revolution at Landfills

Nodal Power, an innovative firm at the intersection of renewable energy and cryptocurrency, has announced the completion of a $13 million seed funding round. This funding injection is dedicated to advancing Nodal Power’s pioneering approach to reducing methane emissions from landfills while harnessing their untapped energy potential. With a focus on Bitcoin mining, the company is making strides in transforming waste into a valuable resource, as highlighted in their recent press release. Nodal Power’s unique strategy involves mitigating methane emissions at landfills by utilizing them to power Bitcoin mining data centers. By doing so, the company addresses a pressing environmental

SEC's Appeal Authorized by Judge in Ripple (XRP) Legal Dispute
1 month ago 1 min read

Judge Allows SEC to Pursue Case in Ripple (XRP) Lawsuit

Judge Torres has approved the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) request to file an interim appeal in the ongoing legal tussle involving Ripple. This latest twist in the Ripple case sets the stage for heightened legal proceedings and underscores the complexity of the regulatory dispute. The official document released by the court shed light on the decision-making process. The court meticulously reviewed the correspondence exchanged between the parties on August 9 and August 16, 2023. In response to the SEC’s plea for permission to file an appeal, Judge Torres’s ruling is as follows: Judge Torres’s decision signifies the green

Singapore's law enforcement has seized $735 million from ten individuals in connection with a crypto money laundering scheme
1 month ago 1 min read

Over $700 Million in Crypto Seized by Singapore Police Amid Money Laundering Probe

Singapore’s law enforcement has apprehended ten individuals in connection with a money laundering scheme, resulting in the seizure of assets valued at around S$1 billion ($735 million), including a significant amount of crypto These arrests, unveiled on Wednesday, are tied to allegations of forgery, money laundering, and evasion of arrest. Authorities have moved to confiscate an array of valuable assets, encompassing 94 real estate properties, 50 automobiles, and pertinent documents related to digital assets. While the exact valuation of the seized digital holdings remains undisclosed, the case also led to the freezing of bank accounts connected to the illicit activity,