Is ADA at Risk of Dropping Out of the Top 10 Cryptos List?
11 months ago 1 min read

Is ADA in Danger of Losing Its Place Among the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies?

Cardano’s native cryptocurrency, ADA, has established new bottoms during the current crypto bear market as a result of what appears to be a significant price suppression by crypto bears. The token has looked ready to reclaim the lost level ever since the price of ADA plunged below the critical support levels at $0.385. Unfortunately, the likelihood of a bullish turnaround is diminishing because of the deteriorating macroeconomic environment. The eighth-largest cryptocurrency by market value may continue to set fresh price bottoms if bears maintain their dominance, which would eventually cause it to tumble off the list of the top 10

morgan-stanley on Bitcoin
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Over 180 active crypto ETPs bet money on bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ET), claims Morgan Stanley

Investment companies aren’t deterred by the drop, despite the crypto market going through one of the coldest downtrends. Investment firms have introduced an increasing number of exchange-traded funds over the past 11 months in the expectation that cryptocurrencies will finally succeed. Since the beginning of the bitcoin bear market, approximately 180 active crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs) and trust products have been released internationally, according to Morgan Stanley. In fact, the speedy introduction of these ETPs was not even hampered by a 70% reduction in the market’s total asset value, which fell to $24 billion. Morgan Stanley further stated that at

Mirna's Blockchain VAT
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Oman Ministry Acknowledges Mirna’s Blockchain VAT Platform Development

A blockchain-based tool developed by Egyptian engineer Mirna Mohammed was created to monitor the Oman value-added tax system. Consequently, Oman’s Ministry of Higher Education had approved Mirna’s Blockchain VAT accounting platform and will provide funding for its implementation. It is noteworthy that more Arab women from Oman and Saudi Arabia have recently joined the blockchain ecosystem and contributed to the advancement of society and the economy. Over the past few weeks, there have been more Arab women working on blockchain initiatives. Mirna claimed in an interview that her father’s insistence on creating a budget accounting system employing cutting-edge technology was

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Price Prediction 2023
11 months ago 3 mins read

Will Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Reach $0.001 Before 2023?

Terra is an open-sourced blockchain project that allows users to develop decentralized applications and next-generation web3 products and services. The current Terra Classic (LUNC) was previously called Terra (LUNA).  Terra Classic is multi-chained and is in the Ethereum, Polygon, Solana blockchains, and Binance Smart Chain. Terra was separated into Terra 2.0, also known as the current Terra (LUNA) in the market, and Terra Classic (LUNC), which was the earlier Terra in the market, after the market collapse that caused a significant drop in its price. Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Current Market Situation According to CoinMarketCap, the total quantity of Terra

Shiba Inu price prediction
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Shiba Inu price expects a 16% move amid an explosion in trading volume

Shiba Inu (SHIB) price is confirming a significant bullish trend, which would probably cause it to rise 16.25% from the breakout point to $0.00001208. The second-largest meme coin recovered after hitting support at $0.000000960, as was previously mentioned. Over the previous 24 hours, Shiba Inu’s trading volume surpassed $135 million and soared above the $100 million barrier. Only a few days have passed since the tech behemoth Google announced support for SHIB payments as a result of a strategic alliance with Coinbase. CoinMarketCap’s real-time pricing information shows that SHIB‘s trading volume has increased by 19.72%. Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) only bring

Bitcoin price 2022
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Is Bitcoin (BTC) gearing up for an October price rally?

As September comes to a close, the crypto market leader, Bitcoin (BTC), may stage a mini rally, as October has historically been a good month for the largest cryptocurrency by market cap. At the time of writing, BTC is trading below the $20k resistance level, at around $19,4436, after a 3.82% increase in price over the previous 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap. According to the monthly chart of BTC/USDT, BTC’s price performed poorly in September. As the month comes to a close, BTC has dropped 3.17%. Furthermore, the chart reveals a pattern in the monthly price movements of BTC. Historically,

BTC Market Analysis: July 25th, 2022
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BTC Market Analysis: July 25th, 2022

After several weeks of the market downturn, $BTC has just climbed from lows of $19,000 to highs of $24,000, providing some much-needed relief. The price of Bitcoin is at $21,857 at the time of writing, and I will forecast its next move using technical analysis and some fundamentals. According to the chart, the price of bitcoin will continue to trade in a zigzag pattern in this falling wedge until it reaches the $20,000–21,000 support area. At that point, a strong surge will break the wedge and cause it to rise to roughly the $26,000 region. However, depending on the volatility

Cardano Vasil Hard Fork Analysis
1 year ago 2 mins read

Cardano Vasil Hard Fork Analysis

Cardano is the 8th largest cryptocurrency in the world according to Coinmarketcap with a $15.4 billion market cap at the time of asking. It is set up to rival major blockchains like Ethereum and BNB Chain in the coming years. There is an important update coming for the Cardano blockchain also considered to be the most important update in its history, which is expected to have a significant positive impact on the price. Coupled with the current bearish cryptocurrency market, $ADA, the native token of the Cardano ecosystem has dropped more than the major coins and has been in a

Ethereum (ETH) Market Analysis: July 25th 2022
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Ethereum (ETH) Market Analysis: July 25th 2022

Ethereum has moved up the chart significantly in the past weeks, even more than bitcoin and most Altcoins. At the writing time, $ETH is trading at $1,536 after dropping from $1,660 in the past few hours. According to the above chart, $ETH has been in a range since July 18th, 2022, and is expected to remain there until the merge takes place or just before it does. The merger could provide the motivation needed for the price of Ethereum to move out of its trading range. The chart above shows that the range is $1500 to $1600. An upward break

Bitcoin price for 2022
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Bitcoin Weekly Price Prediction – May 30, 2022

On the BTC chart, we witnessed the market continue to fall in price and test a long-term support that has been in effect since January 2021. The support region’s price range is about $28,000–$29,00, and the market has been trading in a range for the past few days. The next direction the market will go will be determined by a breakout from this range. BULLISH SCENARIO According to the bullish point of view, the market will respect the support zone and go upwards from there in the coming weeks, as seen in the chart below. A closer examination of the

TRON DAO price prediction
1 year ago 5 mins read

TRON Price Forecast: Will TRX Reach $0.4 Soon?

This post on TRON (TRX) Price Prediction is solely based on technical analysis. The cryptocurrency sector is still expanding. To stay competitive, several crypto projects strive to develop their technologies. TRON is also still one of the most active protocols in the crypto world. More so, TRON has created significant connections and projects in the crypto industry in recent months. For instance, Alchemy Pay partnered with TRON a few months ago to allow TRX payments. According to reports, TRON is committed to creating a decentralized and borderless internet. Therefore, TRX users may easily access the network’s applications, material, and media

Amazon denies accepting crypto
2 years ago 1 min read Inc Denies Rumored Plans About Accepting Bitcoin Payments

The e-commerce giant,, denies reports of it accepting crypto and Bitcoin payments by the end of the year. According to an Amazon spokesperson, the company won’t accept crypto payments by the end of 2021. But, it is still interested in blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency space. The denial news came on Monday when’s insider took to the media, saying Amazon has no specific plans to onboard digital assets for payments yet. The insider said, “Notwithstanding our interest in the space, the speculation that has ensued around our specific plans for cryptocurrencies is not true. We remain focused on