Push Protocol Wallet drops wallet-to-wallet video chatting capability

Push Protocol

Push Protocol, a decentralized communication network, has released a wallet-to-wallet video chatting feature on its Web3 messaging platform. The platform launched on the Ethereum network in January 2022 and later expanded to Polygon and the Binance Smart Chain.

Push Chat launched in October 2022, enabling users to send messages between wallets. With the addition of the video calling feature, the platform aims to enhance the Web3 experience by allowing users to token-gate or NFT-gate exclusive video calls with influencers or celebrities. It also allows crypto-inclined individuals to transact without relying on peer-to-peer platforms such as Gmail or Zoom.

Harsh Rajat, CEO and co-founder of the protocol see video calling as a way to enhance Web3 communication in a Web3 native way. He said that video and audio calls provide a communication rail for anything that a Web3 developer wants to do.

However, Jake Udell, founder of Web3 platform Metalink, was generally skeptical of decentralized messaging protocols, pointing out that some of them haven’t been able to conceal the message without revealing the sender’s address.

On the other hand, Josh Siegel, chief product officer at Dfns, sees encryption as an essential feature of Web3 messaging apps that differentiates them from traditional messaging apps.

He said that wallet-to-wallet messaging lets NFT buyers and sellers negotiate in the same place where they’re making their purchases. It also allows dapps to incorporate bot or live-chat customer service, which is vital for accessibility.


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