Tencent Cloud Takes on Web3 with New Initiatives

Tencent Cloud Unveils Plans for Web3 Adoption and Innovation

Tencent Cloud, the Chinese tech giant, has announced a new suite of crypto-native partnerships and web3-based initiatives, signaling renewed optimism for cryptocurrency in China.

The move positions Tencent Cloud alongside global tech firms like Google and Amazon, who have also made recent strides in the Web3 space.

Tencent Cloud’s new Web3 investment includes blockchain-based APIs, ‘metaverse-in-a-box’ offerings, and more, and they will be working with crypto companies Ankr, Avalanche, Scroll, and Sui to develop a full suite of blockchain API services, build scalable solutions, and optimize infrastructure for Web3 gaming.

SVP at Tencent Cloud International, Poshu Yeung, stated that Tencent Cloud is ready to leverage its technical experience to support Web3 and create a more immersive experience, nurturing a better Web3 ecosystem.


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