XRP and Uniswap see a sharp rise in users, signaling a growing crypto market appeal

XRP and Uniswap see a sharp rise in users

Over six months, XRP’s active wallets rose 7% to 5.2 million. This rise shows XRP is becoming a mainstream financial instrument for more investors.

The XRP Ledger shows 59.77 billion XRP kept across various wallets, with virtually all retaining some balance, suggesting strong user holding.

In one year, Uniswap’s addresses grew 140% from 3.03 million to 7.26 million. After crossing $2 trillion in trade volume in April, Uniswap strengthened its position in decentralized finance (DeFi).

Domi by Uniswap’s $5.31 billion in locked value surpasses PancakeSwap. Despite leading market metrics, Uniswap and XRP are under increased regulatory investigation from the SEC. Crypto regulation seeks compliance and security in the fast-changing sector.

XRP and Uniswap wallets are rising, indicating cryptocurrency popularity.

Last month, Ripple, the company behind XRP tokens, plans to sell 100 million tokens on Sunday in response to the recent escalation of the Iran-Israel conflict and a significant decline in the crypto market.


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