A US National Hockey League Team Launches Its First NFT Collection

Chicago Blackhawks NFT Collection

Chicago Blackhawks, a professional NHL team, announced the launch of the team’s first non-fungible token (NFT) collection.

Based on the website, the team makes licensed ERC-721 NFTs, with some being sold at a fixed price and others being auctioned to the highest bidder.

According to Chicago Blackhawks NFT, the collection is on the Sweet platform using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Content Delivery Network (CDN) to host the digital collectibles publicly. This is because Sweet lets brands mint NFTs on many chains. Currently, the platform supports Ethereum ERC-721 and Ethereum Mainnet tokens.

Moreover, the team said the collection comprises 12 hocket character cards and 2,000 digital tickets. These were inspired by the 8-bit hockey games of the ‘80s. Further, the team noted that the NFTs include physical items and VIP experiences.

Also, the team added that the idea is to give people who can’t afford to bid access to NFTs. As a result, they made 4 different editions of the tickets, with 500 of each being sold for $30 each.

Interestingly, Chicago Blackhawks NFT sale is on a first come first serve basis. Besides, anyone who buys all 4 will get a bonus ‘Golden Ticket’. Each of the four tickets is a digital representation of games one through four of a hypothetical Stanley Cup Finals.

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