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White House meets with AI leaders to address societal challenges

US government seeks guidance from AI experts to protect society

The White House held a meeting on Thursday between Vice President Kamala Harris and top executives from leading companies involved in artificial intelligence (AI) development.

The meeting aimed to reiterate the Biden administration’s commitment to fostering responsible and ethical AI development while mitigating risks to society, security, and the economy.

Recent developments in AI, particularly the success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT program, have brought the ethical use of AI to the forefront of public discourse.

Tech industry leaders also called for a pause on AI development in March, citing potential risks and harms.

To support ethical AI development, the White House announced a $140 million investment by the National Science Foundation to support research and development, infrastructure, and workforce diversity.

Additionally, OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, Anthropic, Hugging Face, and Stability AI have committed to an independent public evaluation of AI systems during the DEFCON’s AI Village in Las Vegas in August.

The White House underscored the importance of trustworthy, ethical innovation with safeguards that protect individuals and society.

President Biden has been vocal about placing people and communities at the center of AI development to support responsible innovation that serves the public good.


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