Agoric, a layer 1 blockchain designed for chain abstraction, has launched its Orchestration API, allowing developers to create next-gen Web3 applications that coordinate digital assets and services across multiple blockchain ecosystems. This allows users to benefit from one-click interactions, deploying their liquidity and accessing multiple blockchains uniformly.

With over $2 trillion in liquidity fragmented across different blockchains and their ecosystems, users often face complex, arduous experiences in Web3. According to the team, Agoric Orchestration changes the game for multi-chain use cases by enabling real chain abstraction, offering cross-chain programmability through a multi-block execution environment and simple JavaScript APIs to manage accounts and assets on remote chains. For the Web3 ecosystem, orchestration provides composability across protocols to unlock liquidity, regardless of the native chain.

Dean Tribble, CEO of Agoric Systems, expressed excitement about the platform, stating that it enables rich, one-click user experiences that unlock new economic opportunities across multiple chains.

Interchain trading terminal Calypso will leverage Agoric Orchestration to launch their staking widget, allowing users to stake into any IBC-enabled chain from almost any starting token with just one action.

John DiBernardi, Co-Founder of Calypso, praised Agoric Orchestration for simplifying time-intensive and frustrating DeFi tasks into a one-click experience that both users new to DeFi and those seasoned will greatly appreciate.