Aleph Zero has announced significant ecosystem advancements, including the first EVM-compatible ZK-Privacy Layer capable of generating zero-knowledge proofs on consumer-grade devices and zkOS, a product suite for seamless integration of on-chain privacy into various Web3 applications.

The testnet release of the ZK-privacy EVM Layer 2 solution powered by Arbitrum Orbit on Gelato RaaS marks the first EVM-compatible privacy solution capable of subsecond ZK proving times, significantly enhancing the end-user experience by making on-chain privacy virtually instantaneous.

Aleph Zero also revealed its long-term strategy to develop zkOS, a client-side, chain-agnostic zero-knowledge privacy system that aims to offer Privacy-as-a-Service (PaaS) via seamless app integrations on WASM and EVM-compatible networks.

This initiative opens Aleph Zero’s ecosystem to a broader range of EVM users and marks its first step towards potential multichain growth.

With zkOS, users can conduct private transactions and interact with dApps without compromising their data, enabling high-throughput applications such as privacy-preserving DeFi apps, RWAs, AI, and enterprise solutions. The new ZK-privacy EVM Layer 2 Developer Testnet is now live, inviting builders and early adopters.

Aleph Zero EVM, a ZK-privacy Layer 2 rollup on Ethereum, is built in partnership with Gelato, leveraging Arbitrum Anytrust DAC technology for a fast, secure, and scalable execution environment.

It boasts up to 250ms block times with near-instant transaction finality and processes thousands of transactions per second, making it one of the fastest EVM chains on the market.