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Arkham Intelligence Expands by Adding Support for Flare Blockchain

Arkham Intelligence has recently announced its support for Flare

Arkham Intelligence has recently announced its support for Flare, a blockchain designed to offer developers efficient and cost-effective access to various distributed data sources.

This collaboration opens up opportunities for Flare users to leverage Arkham’s tools and platforms for enhanced insights into network data and on-chain analytics.

Flare’s CEO, Hugo Philion, highlighted the importance of providing network builders and participants with robust analytics tools to make data-driven decisions, emphasizing that Flare is optimized for decentralized data acquisition.

Arkham Intelligence plays a crucial role in enhancing transparency within the cryptocurrency industry by using its AI engine, ULTRA, to link crypto addresses with real-world entities.

This helps bridge the gap between cryptocurrency transactions and traditional financial institutions, providing valuable insights into the individuals and businesses involved in blockchain transactions.

Miguel Morel, the founder and CEO of Arkham, expressed excitement about expanding their platform’s support to include Flare, emphasizing the importance of data-driven decision-making in the blockchain industry.

He also stated their commitment to continually broaden the coverage and transparency of the industry.


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