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Cardano (ADA) introduces Plutus V3 engine, enhancing smart contract functionalities

Cardano (ADA) introduces Plutus V3 engine, enhancing smart contract functionalities

Cardano (ADA) Network has unveiled its Plutus V3 engine, aiming to revolutionize smart contract functionalities and drive developer innovation.

The team said that the engine enhances performance and functionality on Cardano’s PoS network. This in fact enhances smart contract capabilities and driving interest among developers seeking advanced blockchain solutions.

Furthermore, it is noted that it offers enhanced cryptographic capabilities, including optimal algorithm usage, Ethereum porting ability, and sidechain bridging.

Besides, the introduction of Sum of Products (SOPs) optimizes script size and boosts smart contract execution speed on Cardano.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson expresses his optimism about the significant steps Plutus V3 will bring to the protocol, anticipating increased adoption, governance support, and overall network scalability.

The unveiling of Plutus V3 has sparked excitement among developers and led to a surge in the price of ADA, the native crypto of Cardano blockchain, which has seen a 24% price gain on February 25.


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