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ConsenSys Acquires Blockchain Notification Tool ‘Hal’ for Web3 Development

ConsenSys Strengthens Web3 Development Capabilities with Hal Acquisition

ConsenSys, the leading Ethereum development studio, has acquired Hal, a blockchain notification tool, to bolster its Web3 development capabilities.

Hal’s technology allows users to create notifications for trading, governance voting, and tax compliance, among other things, by filtering through blockchain data.

As part of the acquisition, more than 40 APIs for blockchain listening and signals will be added to ConsenSys’ popular Web3 connectivity layer, Infura.

The APIs will make it easier to use tools like Infura for the evolving decentralized internet. The acquisition comes at an opportune time as the interest in lower-code and no-code tools has surged.

Hal’s technology can help both experienced and less experienced developers alike, enabling them to track activities on the blockchain and receive notifications, which is particularly useful for NFT and DeFi enthusiasts. The acquisition details remain undisclosed.


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