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Esports Giant TSM Joins Avalanche to Launch Game-Changing Gaming Subnet

TSM and Avalanche Join Forces to Bring Gamers an Exciting New Subnet Experience Source: Yahoo

Esports powerhouse TSM is not giving up on the crypto space despite its previous partnership with FTX ending in fallout late last year.

TSM has recently announced a new partnership with blockchain Avalanche that will see the organization building their own Avalanche-based subnet, marking an exciting new chapter for TSM.

TSM is partnering with Avalanche to create a competitive gaming partnership between the esports organization and their gaming platform subsidiary, Blitz.

As one of the most legacy organizations in the game, TSM has been operating for over a decade in a relatively young landscape. The esports organization currently competes in mainstay titles such as League of Legends, Apex Legends, Dota 2, R6S, Valorant, and more.

Avalanche will be the exclusive blockchain partner for both TSM and Blitz, and the deal will also see Blitz building out their own designated Avalanche subnet. This marks a major departure from TSM’s previous partnership with FTX, which was more centralized.

While the FTX partnership ended in controversy, TSM’s willingness to continue playing in the crypto space is an encouraging sign. By partnering with Avalanche, TSM is demonstrating that they are still committed to exploring the possibilities of blockchain and crypto within the esports industry.


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