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MakerDAO Integrates AI for Enhanced Blockchain Capabilities

MakerDAO has revealed its plan aimed at enhancing efficiency

Decentralized platform MakerDAO has revealed its plan for a major update dubbed Endgame, aimed at enhancing efficiency, resilience, and participation through the use of AI tools and open, scalable processes.

The ultimate goal of the update is to become the most widely-used stablecoin project within three years.

MakerDAO co-founder Rune Christensen announced that Endgame would streamline and parallelize the Maker Ecosystem, launching a new unified brand identity and six new SubDAOs that users can farm, spearheading permissionless innovation and collateral allocation.

The first step towards Endgame will focus on establishing a unified brand for the ecosystem through a beta launch set to arrive within several months.

Following that, a second phase will see the launch of six so-called SubDAOs, born-decentralized, specialized divisions within MakerDAO, aimed at removing costs and complexity related to daily operations and delegating away the bulk of complexity and risk.

The third and fourth phases will see the introduction of AI tools for governance monitoring and improvement and the launch of a program for governance incentives.

The fifth and final phase will deploy a new blockchain, called NewChain, with the ability to use hard forks as a governance mechanism and optimized as a backend for AI-assisted DAO governance processes and AI tool users.

The launch of NewChain will be the last step in the Endgame launch process, after which MakerDAO will permanently enter the Endgame State where further major changes are impossible, and its core processes and balance of power remain decentralized, self-sustainable, and immutable forever.


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