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MatchBoxDAO unveils new esports platform for Web3 developers


MatchBoxDAO, a group of developers, artists, and designers, has launched MatchBox Arena, an esports experience tailored for Web3 developers.

The tournament, called “0xMonaco: Battle of Titans,” aims to discover which company has the best technical team by bringing together developers from top Web3 companies such as Uniswap, Ledger, Polygon, Chainlink, and Near. The tournament will be streamed live and feature esports commentators.

On-chain games for developers take a unique approach, focusing on strategy games where players use smart contracts to code their strategies.

This means that games like 0xMonaco will require high technical skills, creativity, and quick adaptability to win.

MatchBoxDAO aims to create an enjoyable experience for developers and entertain viewers by featuring video simulations that depict the actual code logic during the round.

MatchBox Arena plans to host closed tournaments for the best teams in Web3 and open challenges for everyone to participate in.

Players can enter the arena, upload their code strategy, and participate in rounds with other players. Additionally, players and viewers will be able to track their favorite team’s progress on a leaderboard and watch video replays of the matches.

The Web3 ecosystem continues to influence and evolve the gaming landscape, and game developers are now looking beyond play-to-earn and focusing more on the gaming aspect of their platforms.

With the launch of MatchBox Arena, Web3 developers now have a dedicated esports experience to showcase their skills and compete against their peers.


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