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Phantom Wallet now supports Ethereum and Polygon

Phantom Wallet expands its capabilities with Ethereum and Polygon integration

Self-custodial wallet Phantom has made a major announcement, revealing that its mobile app and browser wallets are now simultaneously supporting Ethereum and Polygon networks.

This means that users can access a wide range of dApps across the Web3 landscape, including Uniswap, Magic Eden, Aave, OpenSea, and Blur.

The popular Solana wallet first announced its support for rival blockchains Ethereum and Polygon in November last year, intending to offer the ability to interact with the three largest blockchains for digital collectibles in one location.

Phantom CEO Brandon Millman stated that the company is committed to using its Solana ecosystem expertise to drive wallet innovation, enabling the most versatile and user-friendly experience across all platforms, particularly in the three largest ecosystems: Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana.

The new features will enable easy management of multiple accounts and assets across blockchains, removing the need to switch between wallets, and adding the ability to import existing MetaMask, EVM, and Solana wallets.

Phantom’s iOS wallet was first launched in March 2021, followed by its Android version in April of last year. In January 2022, the company launched its iOS wallet after raising $109 million in funding.


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