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Samsung secures its network’s devices using a blockchain

With the help of blockchain technology, Samsung's Knox Matrix has increased the security of all connected users' personal smart devices.

With the help of blockchain technology, Samsung’s Knox Matrix has increased the security of all connected users’ personal smart devices.

The South Korean multinational electronics corporation, Samsung, announced that it will upgrade the security protocols for all of its smart devices using blockchain technology.

Its latest blockchain-based security solution for “cross-device experiences” is called Knox Matrix. This indicates that every Samsung device in the network, including smartphones and home appliances, is covered by the security layer.

Samsung claims that Knox Matrix will function as each person’s “own private blockchain system,” with the multi-layered blockchain monitoring installed on all of the person’s connected devices.

In addition, this includes gadgets like smartphones as well as air conditioners and home smart TVs.

The new security upgrade aims to make logins easier while safeguarding users from the misuse of their credentials.

The announcement states that regardless of whether they are based on Android, Tizen, or another OS, all Samsung devices will make use of Knox Matrix and receive a unified SDK.

Along with that, the company also revealed a new partnership with Google to enhance multi-smart device experiences in the home.

Samsung has been actively growing its presence in the Web3 industry.

According to a blog post published on August 16 by Blockdata, the company has been the most active investor in blockchain-related projects since September 2021.

After a nine-month period, the post claims that Samsung took part in 13 industry funding rounds.


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