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Shibarium Launches ‘Donate’ Feature to Encourage Validators and Strengthen Shiba Inu Community

Shibarium has launched a novel feature called "Donate" to encourage community involvement

Shiba Inu ecosystem, Shibarium, has launched a novel feature called “Donate” to encourage community involvement and give network validators direct assistance.

This major development allows users to financially support non-profit validators that are essential to preserving Shibarium’s security and efficiency, with the goal of building a more robust and inclusive ecosystem.

In a statement on X, well-known Shiba Inu community member Ragnar Shib praised the update and emphasized its significance.

According to the official Shibarium website, the “Donate” feature acknowledges the vital role non-profit validators play in guaranteeing the efficacy and security of the Shibarium network and allows the user community to directly support these organizations.

The donation process is simple, allowing users to go to the information page of their chosen validator from a long list, click the “Donate” button, and enter the token and amount they want to contribute.

The Shibarium team’s strategic move aims to strengthen the network by assisting validators, who play a critical role in transaction verification and ledger integrity maintenance. Validators are rewarded in proportion to their stake, which is distributed among all participants.

Shibarium currently has 12 validators, with ShibArmy America, Unification, ShibArmy Europe, Ryoshi Labs, and ShibArmy Asia ranking first and second in terms of staked amounts.

The network has a total of 100 validator slots, with each requiring a minimum stake of 10,000 BONE. Shibarium currently has 21,488,549 BONE staked, equal to $13.6 million, reflecting the community’s active participation in supporting the network’s validators.


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