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Solana Network Recovers with Second Round of Rebooting

Solana Network

Solana, the high-performance blockchain network, is back online after two attempts to restart the network. The issue occurred on February 25, 2023, causing transaction processing on the network to stop. However, after diligent work from the Solana engineers, the issue has been resolved, and the network is now fully operational.

According to Solana Status, a monitoring site for the network, the fix occurred at 01:28 UTC. The engineers continued to monitor the network’s performance and reported that the issue was resolved at 02:09 UTC.

This isn’t the first time Solana has experienced downtime. The network has faced several challenges in the past, mainly due to its focus on supporting high transaction throughput.

The high number of transactions can put heavy pressure on nodes to stay in sync, leading to occasional downtime.

However, Solana’s team of engineers is dedicated to providing a stable and reliable network. They’ve been able to resolve issues in the past, and this latest incident demonstrates their commitment to ensuring the network’s stability and performance.

Despite the downtime, Solana remains a popular blockchain network for developers and users alike. Its high transaction throughput and low fees make it an attractive option for those looking to build decentralized applications or conduct transactions quickly and efficiently.


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