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SpankChain Co-founder Hints at Tornado Cash Follow-up Involving Moloch DAO


Ameen Soleimani, the co-founder of SpankChain and Reflex Labs, has hinted at the potential revival of the controversial Ethereum transaction mixer, Tornado Cash. Soleimani’s tweet indicated the involvement of Moloch DAO, which provides grants for Ethereum project development.

“I sincerely hope no one thought we were finished,” said Soleimani.

Transaction mixing protocols like Tornado Cash use various techniques to obfuscate the origin of cryptocurrency, which has attracted widespread scrutiny from regulators.

Last year, the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control accused Tornado Cash of enabling money laundering by North Korea-linked hacking group Lazarus.

Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsev was arrested last summer by Dutch authorities. Pertsev remains detained until a hearing scheduled for this April.

The revival of Tornado Cash, with the backing of Moloch DAO, suggests that the project may have found a way to address the regulatory and legal challenges it faces. Moloch DAO is known for supporting innovative projects that contribute to the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem.

While Soleimani’s tweet did not provide any further details, it has already generated a lot of buzz in the cryptocurrency community. It remains to be seen what form the Tornado Cash revival will take, and how it will address the concerns of regulators and law enforcement agencies.


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