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STEPN Integrates with Apple Pay to Expand Global Reach

STEPN has integrated with Apple Pay.

STEPN, a blockchain gaming platform that rewards users with tokens for walking or running, has integrated with Apple Pay. This integration makes it easier for users to purchase STEPN’s NFT sneakers, which are required to participate in the game.

To purchase an NFT sneaker using Apple Pay, users simply need to open the STEPN app and select the “Buy Sneaker” option. They will then be prompted to enter their Apple Pay information. Once their payment has been processed, they will be able to start earning tokens by walking or running.

The integration with Apple Pay is a major step forward for STEPN. It makes the game more accessible to a wider range of users and could help to boost adoption.

In addition to the integration with Apple Pay, STEPN has also announced a new reward system called “Badges & Achievements.” This system will allow users to earn rewards for reaching milestones, completing challenges, and completing their collections.

The integration with Apple Pay and the new reward system is part of STEPN’s efforts to grow its user base and become a leading player in the blockchain gaming industry.


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