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Sundance Film Festival integrates blockchain and crypto in film initiatives

The Slamdance Film Festival embraces blockchain

The Slamdance Film Festival, an Oscar-accredited film festival for indie filmmakers, will see the premiere of the new film Fuzzy Head, which received its funding through the blockchain-powered crowdfunding platform

The platform has also supported other notable films including The Comeback Trail which features Robert de Niro and Morgan Freeman.

This is not the first instance of a film festival seeing crypto and blockchain components in films that are premiering.

In 2019, the Filmio blockchain platform attended the Sundance Film Festival to scout projects for its blockchain-based entertainment platform.

Last year, Liquid Media Group announced its first blockchain film streaming during the Sundance festival and Russel Crowe’s Prizefighter film used NFTs to partly fund its production and became an “audience-driven film.”

The utilization of blockchain-based tools by legacy directors and major festivals brings visibility to these tools for independent filmmakers who would highly benefit from them.


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