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US Navy PARANOID ensures software security by using blockchain to validate files across nodes

US Navy seeks partners to further its PARANOID blockchain tech

The US Navy seeks business partners for a joint research and development agreement to further its “PARANOID” blockchain technology.

PARANOID (Powerful Authentication Regime Applicable to Naval Operational Flight Program Integrated Development) protects software against hackers during development and deployment using blockchain.

The Naval Air Warfare Center’s Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) in Lakehurst, New Jersey, designed PARANOID to secure U.S. Navy avionics software, but they soon realized it could be used for any software development project.

PARANOID uses blockchain to verify files across nodes during development to secure software. Developer activities are immutably recorded on the PARANOID blockchain. The PARANOID system’s blockchain-based immutable database would fail verification if hostile actors tried to change, replace, or remove code or files during software development.

A blog post from TechLink, the Department of Defense’s “technology transfer partner,” indicates that the U.S. Navy is inviting private sector groups to investigate and develop the PARANOID system.

The US Navy has created its first unique blockchain product, although they had previously explored blockchain technology.


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