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A key Solana DeFi player announces a 1 billion JUP token airdrop to users

A key Solana DeFi player announces a 1 billion JUP token airdrop to users

Jupiter, a major player in the Solana DeFi (Decentralized Finance) space, has made a game-changing announcement.

The DeFi aggregator is planning to distribute 1 billion JUP tokens in a carefully planned airdrop, signaling the start of a massive giveaway campaign.

Meow, Jupiter’s visionary founder, shared this exciting news, outlining the details of the long-awaited token distribution.

Jupiter’s airdrop, scheduled for January 31 at 10:00 a.m. EST, aims to enrich the Solana DeFi community by distributing 1 billion JUP tokens to deserving users.

This strategic move is consistent with Jupiter’s commitment to encouraging community engagement and empowering its users.

The airdrop is not limited to a small group of people; rather, it embraces inclusivity by catering to nearly a million crypto wallets.

Users who want to participate in this generous distribution can use Jupiter’s tool to calculate the number of JUP tokens they will receive.

The allocation is determined by factors such as trading activity and the frequency of platform usage. Every participant is guaranteed at least 200 JUP tokens, with an additional 500 JUP tokens available to those who meet certain criteria, such as holding $10 in assets or completing 10 transactions before March 2022.

Jupiter, a prominent DeFi project on the Solana blockchain, is critical in assisting users in discovering optimal token trading rates.

The upcoming airdrop is the first step in Jupiter’s larger plan to distribute more tokens in the future, enriching the Solana DeFi landscape.

Jupiter’s grand plan goes beyond the initial airdrop. Three more airdrops, each with 1 billion JUP tokens, are in the works.

Another billion tokens have been set aside for community contributors, demonstrating Jupiter’s commitment to community involvement.

In total, 5 billion JUP tokens, or half of the total supply, will be distributed to the community. The Jupiter team will manage the remaining tokens, with allocations for team members, reserves, and liquidity.

Meow teased the upcoming launch of a meme coin by Jupiter, which added to the intrigue. Notably, it will not be called MEOW, lending mystery to the impending release.

This meme coin launch serves as a test bed for Jupiter’s new platform, and while distribution details are still unknown, it promises to be an exciting venture into uncharted territory.


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