Cryptocurrency analyst Jason Pizzino warns that Bitcoin (BTC) is at risk of falling further if a major support level collapses. Pizzino believes that the Bitcoin support level at around $44,600 must hold to avoid a collapse that could see the flagship crypto asset revisiting prices last recorded in early 2023.

If the level falls below $44,600, it is likely to be close to a curse, with prices under $40,000. If it goes to $40,000 and closes under there, the cycle is over, and Bitcoin may test the $30,000s and $20,000s.

However, Pizzino believes that Bitcoin could still resume an uptrend if it stays above the bull market support level. He shares a chart suggesting that BTC may move back above $60,000 by November of this year.

Also, Robert Kiyosaki, a renowned finance author, predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) will experience its biggest crash yet before enjoying a long-term bull cycle. Kiyosaki believes that after the crash, investors will be rewarded with a multi-year bull market cycle, starting in late 2025 and raising prices for years.

He believes that after assets crash, precious metals and stores of value, such as gold, silver, and BTC, will dominate and hit new all-time highs as fiat currency value continues to dwindle.

Kiyosaki believes that this long-cycle bull market is coming because faith and confidence in fake money is dissolving, and history will repeat, as seen with Germany’s Reichsmark and the Zimbabwe dollar.

He believes that after the crash, gold, silver, and Bitcoin will once again begin climbing to hit all-time highs, with gold potentially at $15,000 an ounce, silver at $110.00 an ounce, and Bitcoin at $10 million per coin.