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Binance Accused of Suppressing Claims by P2P Traders Who Lost Money

P2P Traders Claim Binance Silenced Them After Funds Disappeared

A number of users of Binance’s P2P marketplace have accused the exchange of restricting their accounts.

These traders, who buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly with each other, use platforms like Binance P2P to facilitate transactions.

They have claimed that despite being verified, their life savings have been unable to be withdrawn via Binance’s P2P marketplace.

One Reddit user claimed that Binance ruined their life and that the exchange’s customer support team claimed the funds were stolen and canceled the transaction.

This comes amid a year of difficulties for Binance, including criticism for its involvement in the collapse of FTX and issues related to the shutdown of accounts tied to the Russia-based Bitzlato exchange and intermingling of funds and customer wallets related to its B-Tokens.


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