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Binance Burns Over 2 Million BNB Tokens Valued At $636 Million

26th Quarterly BNB Token Burn Successfully Completed

Binance crypto exchange announced the successful completion of the 26th quarterly Binance Coin (BNB) token burn via the BNB Chain.

The burn event, which included the auto-burn process and the Pioneer Burn Program, resulted in a significant reduction in the native token’s circulating supply.

During the most recent burn event, the Auto-Burn process, which is designed to run independently of Binance’s centralized exchange (CEX), removed a significant 2,141,487.27 BNB from circulation.

This amounts to around $636 million in USD. Binance emphasizes the auto-burn mechanism as an auditable and objective method of ensuring transparency.

The Pioneer Burn Program, another key component of the token burn, contributed by permanently removing 1542.15 BNB from the market.

This program is critical to eliminating an amount of BNB equal to the provable lost funds of eligible users. Since the introduction of BEP95, around 210,000 tokens have been permanently burned using this mechanism.

The Pioneer Burn Program contributes to ecosystem integrity by ensuring that lost funds do not influence the circulating supply.

Binance’s BNB Chain includes a real-time burn mechanism that continuously reduces token supply. This novel mechanism enables the burning of a portion of BNB Chain’s gas fees in real-time, contributing to ongoing supply reduction efforts.

The 26th quarterly BNB token burn represents a significant milestone in the BNB ecosystem. The combination of the independent auto-burn mechanism, the Pioneer Burn Program, and the real-time mechanism demonstrates BNB Chain’s strategic approach to reducing token supply while promoting long-term value.


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