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Binance has started its Binance World Championship $4.2 million


Binance has started its first Binance World Championship, providing users with the opportunity to delve into the realm of cryptocurrency, engage in promotional activities, and acquire incentives. The event, scheduled to continue until June 25, showcases the most substantial rewards pool ever offered by Binance, amounting to a staggering $4.2 million.

The championship is accessible to both novice and current users, providing prospects to engage in campaigns, showcase trading tactics, and get awards.

The Binance World Championship comprises of three events that test participants’ skills, as well as three special promos that are available throughout Binance’s range of goods. Traders of any degree of expertise are welcome to participate and accomplish tasks in order to earn prizes.

The tournaments include several prize pools and challenges, where participants engage in spot-related activities to win a portion of the $1.2 million prize pool.

They also have the opportunity to participate in the Futures Grand Tournament, which offers prizes of up to $3 million. Additionally, participants may trade high-performing assets to earn a piece of the daily 500 USD Coin reward pool.

Binance customers have the opportunity to engage in three special promotions alongside the tournaments. These include subscribing to Simple Earn’s Flexible and Locked Products, making the first cryptocurrency purchase or fiat deposit via the ‘Buy Crypto’ option, and doing trades worth at least $100 on Convert, Spot, and Futures.

Rachel Conlan, the Chief Marketing Officer of Binance, conveyed her enthusiasm for the tournament, highlighting the platform’s dedication to honoring its users and promoting community greatness.”

Last month, Binance CEO Tigran Gambaryan was denied bail by a Nigerian court, a family representative said. The Nigerian judge delayed Binance and Gambaryan’s trials until May 22 and 23.


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