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Bitcoin volatility hits 60%, outpacing Ether as the halving event draws near

Bitcoin's volatility has exceeded that of Ether

Bitcoin’s volatility has exceeded that of Ether, hitting over 60% in the 30-day annualized historical volatility. This is a result of the influx of investments into Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and the expectation around Bitcoin’s upcoming halving event.

Bitcoin, often seen as a reliable digital money, has encountered unforeseen volatility, which has posed a challenge to its function as a stabilizing force in the market.

The approval of several Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC has led to heightened volatility, in contrast to the Ether market’s lack of excitement about the approval of an ETH ETF. The volatility of Bitcoin is further exacerbated by its approaching halving event, which entails a reduction of miner earnings by 50%.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin‘s exceptional success leading up to this event, exceeding prior highs, adds fascination to the future trajectory of the market.

Amberdata cautions of possible market corrections after the halving event, indicating a “sell-the-news” situation that may lead to substantial market fluctuations, liquidation of futures contracts, and changes in market volatility.

The options market also demonstrates the expectation for the halves, since a significant contango suggests a rise in volatility during the event. This underscores the fluidity of the bitcoin market, influenced by governmental measures, investor conduct, and noteworthy occurrences like as the halving.


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