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Blur Token (BLUR) surges by over 30% following Binance listing

Blur Token Skyrockets 30% Following Binance Listing and Airdrop Success

Blur, the native token of the NFT platform Blur, experienced a remarkable 30% surge in value, attributed to its recent Binance listing and a successful airdrop campaign.

Binance’s convert feature, designed for retail users, played a crucial role in Blur’s recent success. This feature allows users to conduct asset transactions without relying on an order book.

Following its listing on Binance, Blur’s price doubled, reaching an impressive $0.64 in just over a week.

As of the latest update, Blur is trading at $0.6373, reflecting a 27.30% increase in the last 24 hours, with a notable 21.30% rise in trading volume.

Blur recently concluded the second season of its incentives program, aimed at rewarding regular platform users. The airdrop distributed tokens based on trade volume and token holding time between May and November. Users have a 45-day window to redeem their tokens.

The end-of-season airdrop is part of Blur’s strategy to encourage traders to engage with its platform actively. Blur provides reimbursement to users who traded NFTs on the platform at the end of each season.

The introduction of Blast, a layer 2 network developed by the Blur team, significantly contributed to the platform’s recent success.

Blast has attracted over $400,000,000 in deposits since its recent launch, promising an airdrop distribution in May. The trading volume on all BLUR trading pairs in the last 24 hours is approaching $1 billion as investors seek to capitalize on the Blast phenomenon.


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