BNB Chain, the world’s largest smart contract blockchain, announced it has successfully activated the BEP 336 Haber Hardfork, introducing blob-carrying transactions.

According to the team, this upgrade reduces gas fees by up to 90% and optimizes BNB Chain’s data storage and processing capabilities. Users can now enjoy reduced data availability costs for Layer 2 (L2) solutions on BNB Chain, making transactions more affordable and accessible.

The implementation of BEP 336 will cut L2 costs on BNB Chain Smart Chain (BSC) by 90% compared to current levels. The upgrade introduces “Blob-Carrying Transactions” (BlobTx), a temporary and cost-effective memory segment capable of capturing large data chunks up to 128 KB each.

The temporary storage mechanism ensures a lean and bloat-free blockchain, improving overall network performance. Lower costs and improved efficiency make the BNB Chain ecosystem more accessible, benefiting both seasoned developers and blockchain novices.

This integration will benefit opBNB and other L2 solutions on BSC, and after the hardfork, L2 networks building on BSC will enable this feature. BNB Chain invites developers and blockchain enthusiasts to explore the capabilities and benefits introduced by the BEP 336 Haber Hardfork.