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Caitlyn Jenner’s JENNER token launch sparks controversy in the crypto community amid hacking suspicions

Caitlyn Jenner's JENNER

With her JENNER token launch, former Olympic athlete and Kardashian-Jenner family member Caitlyn Jenner has caused crypto controversy. Her Twitter and Instagram announcement of the token has aroused controversy and skepticism.

Skepticism increased when crypto influencer and celebrity hacks before the launch. Jenner promoted the token on social media with videos and remarks from her manager, Sophia Hutchins, confirming its legitimacy.

Hutchins emphasized her project management and ensured Jenner’s accounts were safe. Despite promises, distrust persisted.

Today has been eventful, and my crypto is real. Jenner said to act quickly if you want in. Jenner was unable to attend a Twitter Space session with the crypto community to address concerns.

Hutchins spoke for her but didn’t specify the token’s value. Some citizens were enthusiastic, while others suspected a hoax.

The JENNER token wallet address was connected to a hacked account of pornographic content producer Kazumi, who had endorsed ZUMI days prior, raising doubts. Some believed Jenner was impersonated in promotional videos using deepfake technology., a Solana-based meme coin platform, debuted JENNER. advertised the JENNER token on Twitter, blurring the borders between a legal launch and a scam. Despite worries, the token’s price rose 28,000% in one day to $18 million.

Malicious actors leverage celebrities’ prominence for unlawful purposes, notably with meme currencies that have no practical utility.

Famous crypto investor Gigantic-Cassocked-Rebirth (GCR) acknowledged their Twitter account was hacked, leading token values to rise following bogus tweets.

Similarly, American musician Rich The Kid linked to purchase’s new token, RICH. Within two hours, the token’s market cap surpassed $90,000. The message was removed, but Rich The Kid’s account may have been hijacked.

The debate shows crypto’s dangers and weaknesses, especially with high-profile personalities. These difficulties make certain authorities cautious and strict with the sector. The crypto community continues to debate the JENNER token’s legality and significance.

Despite Jenner and Hutchins’ claims, many crypto enthusiasts doubt the token’s legitimacy. Connection to compromised accounts and pumping. fun, a meme currency platform, increases skepticism. The rapid price rise and large market capitalization have raised worries about fraud and exploitation.


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