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Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson rebuts media claims about ADA’s decline

Cardano founder rebuts media claims about ADA's decline

Charles Hoskinson, the inventor of Cardano, has asserted the cryptocurrency’s sustainability and emphasized that it is approaching noteworthy advancements.

The individual expressed disapproval towards the media’s depiction of Cardano as ADA and emphasized the utmost importance of the project’s most notable hard fork to date.

The Chang Hard Fork will relinquish control of the protocol to the community, eliminating all seven genesis keys, signifying a significant milestone towards complete decentralization.

This update will improve the process of making decisions inside the blockchain network by implementing on-chain governance and introducing delegated representatives (DReps) to further distribute decision-making power.

The active community of Cardano is seen by the increasing number of DApps, extensive research on blockchain scalability, and prominent events like as the Rare Evo blockchain conference, the Cardano Foundation Summit in Dubai, and TOKEN2049 in Singapore.

The Project Catalyst program persists in promoting community-driven innovation by offering financial resources and assistance for ideas that have practical applications. The Cardano ecosystem is now making preparations for a momentous constitutional convention in Buenos Aires.

During this event, delegates will officially approve a definitive edition of Cardano’s Constitution, which will build a comprehensive structure for decentralized governance.

Hoskinson stressed Cardano’s dedication to promoting innovation and pragmatic resolutions, affirming its enduring presence and its potential to propel the sector towards addressing tangible economic, political, and social challenges.

He expressed disapproval of the poor quality of media coverage and urged the bitcoin community to acknowledge and actively participate in the significant advancements being achieved.

Cardano is making advancements in technology such as Hydra, which is designed to enhance scalability and transaction efficiency.

Partner chains like Midnight and Prism play a crucial role in driving the expansion of Cardano by demonstrating the network’s capacity to cooperate and innovate.

Three weeks ago, Cardano (ADA) addresses has surged. The number of addresses owning 2.71 billion ADA have broken even despite losing money owing to the continued losses.


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