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CoinGecko faces a major data breach, impacting 1.9 million contacts

CoinGecko crypto aggregator faces a major data breach

CoinGecko, a crypto data aggregator, has disclosed a data breach related to a third-party service provider. The hackers infiltrated an employee’s GetResponse account, which is an email marketing platform, and illicitly acquired 1,916,596 contacts.

They used an alternative GetResponse account to dispatch phishing emails to a total of 23,723 individuals in their contact list.

CoinGecko and GetResponse promptly identified and halted the phishing operation, nevertheless, the hackers managed to get personal data including names, email addresses, account registration dates, and subscription particulars.

The incident occurred at the same time that Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino issued a cautionary statement on a compromised email provider that is used by several cryptocurrency companies.

CoinGecko has initiated communication with all impacted users and is now conducting an investigation into the assault in collaboration with GetResponse. Bobby Ong, the Co-founder of CoinGecko, has verified that the hack was a deliberate assault on their email provider.

He cautioned customers to be wary of falling victim to phishing emails. The occurrence underscores the growing complexity of cyberattacks aimed at the crypto sector and emphasizes the need for enterprises to give priority to cybersecurity and consistently enhance their safeguards against ever-changing threats.

CoinGecko’s management of the hack provides valuable insights for other companies in the field, underscoring the need of robust security measures and prompt incident responses.


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