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Former President Donald Trump’s crypto portfolio skyrockets to $33 million

Former President Donald Trump's crypto portfolio skyrockets to $33 million

The substantial airdrop of the new memecoin TROG has contributed significantly to the surge in the value of former President Donald Trump’s crypto portfolio, which now stands at more than $33 million.

It was stated by Arkham that Trump’s portfolio worth increased by a factor of two when he was given half of the supply of TROG, a meme currency with a frog motif. There are 210.345 billion TROG in Trump’s possession, and it is valued at $19.9 million, making it his most valuable asset.

Additionally, he is the owner of 579.29 thousand Maga (TRUMP) tokens, which are valued at $7.75 million. Next on his list of assets are Ether (ETH) of $1.79 million and Wrapped ETH (WETH) of $1.42 million. Other assets that he has include MAGA Hat, MAGA Coin, Conan, and MAGA Vice President.

In terms of total TROG, Trump is the greatest holder, while the second-highest holder has 7.23 billion TROG, which is valued at $450,000. As a result of the top 10 investors controlling 66.72% of the supply of TROG, concerns have been raised over concentration.

The campaign of Donald Trump accepts contributions in Bitcoin and Ethereum via Coinbase Commerce and has pledged to support cryptocurrency if he is elected.

A week ago, Former US President Donald Trump once again supported the crypto business, pledging to defend users’ self-custody rights and stop a central bank digital currency. If re-elected, he promised to pardon Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht.


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