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FTX crypto exchange announces its plan to return 90% of customer funds

FTX has announced its plan to return 90% of customer funds

The FTX crypto exchange has announced its plan to return 90% of customer funds. This decision comes as a relief to customers who had funds on the platform.

The exchange made the announcement on its official website, stating that it had made progress in addressing its financial situation.

Over the past few months, the FTX exchange has been working to resolve issues related to users’ withdrawals and account balances.

As a part of its commitment to customer satisfaction, FTX has outlined a plan to return 90% of customer funds over the next few weeks.

This move is expected to provide relief to users who have been unable to access their funds. However, FTX assured its customers that the remaining 10% of customer funds would be used for ongoing expenses and improvements to the platform.

FTX also expressed its dedication to strengthening its financial position and ensuring the long-term sustainability of its services.

The decision to return customer funds was met with a positive reaction from the crypto community. Users cheered on the new FTX board members for their transparency and commitment to resolving the issues that had affected customer accounts.


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