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Hashflow (HFT) to unlock 74% of its circulating supply on November 7

Hashflow (HFT)

Hashflow (HFT) is gearing up to release a significant amount of its circulating supply, with 74% of its tokens set to be unlocked on November 7.

This release amounts to 160.38 million HFT tokens, with a total value of $44.97 million. The tokens are designated for various beneficiaries within the Hashflow ecosystem:

  1. Core Team: A total of 48.30 million tokens, valued at $13.54 million, will be allocated to the core team.
  2. Community Rewards: 416,670 tokens, with a value of $116,820, will be distributed as community rewards.
  3. Ecosystem Development: 49.16 million tokens, worth $13.78 million, are earmarked for ecosystem development.
  4. Early Investors: 62.50 million tokens, totaling $17.51 million, will be distributed to early investors in the project.

This token unlock event signifies a significant milestone for Hashflow and will impact the project’s circulating supply, potentially influencing token prices and market dynamics.

It’s important for investors and the crypto community to monitor how the market responds to this token release.

Additionally, as mentioned earlier, Avalanche (AVAX) is also preparing for a token unlock on November 24, adding to the excitement in the crypto space.


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