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Michael Saylor, the Chairman of MicroStrategy gains over $1.5 billion from his BTC investments

MicroStrategy Chairman Michael Saylor Notches Over $1.5 Billion Profit on Bitcoin Investments

Michael Saylor, the Chairman of MicroStrategy and a prominent Bitcoin investor, has reaped substantial profits surpassing $1.5 billion from his strategic Bitcoin investments.

Saylor’s foray into Bitcoin began in September 2020, and his investment journey has proven lucrative, especially amid the recent surge in Bitcoin’s price.

The recent rise in the price of Bitcoin to $39,411 has increased the value of his investment to nearly $7 billion.

Saylor recently increased his Bitcoin holdings by purchasing 16,130 Bitcoin for $593.3 million, averaging $36,785 per Bitcoin. Profits from this additional investment totaled approximately $42.98 million.

Saylor made another Bitcoin purchase in November 2023, adding 16,285 Bitcoins to his portfolio. Notably, his largest Bitcoin purchase occurred in February, when he paid $1.026 billion for 19,452 Bitcoins, which currently represents a loss based on current market conditions.

Saylor made a strategic entry into the Bitcoin market in September 2020, securing Bitcoins at prices ranging between $10,419 and $11,652.

These early investments have proven to be highly profitable, with significant value appreciation as Bitcoin’s price continues to rise.


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