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Notcoin (NOT) surges by over 150% in the past few days while Bitcoin is dropping

Notcoin (NOT) surges by over 150% in the past few days while Bitcoin is dropping

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a correction, with many major coins experiencing price drops. Telegram-based Notcoin (NOT) is bucking the trend, surging an impressive 43% after a week of inactivity and airdrop.

The 150% rally began on May 24th and lasted until May 28th. Since then, it faces resistance at the $0.0099 level.

Notcoin, a cryptocurrency, has experienced a 30% increase in its market cap to $1.25 billion in the last 24 hours, largely due to its play-to-earn Web3 game hosted on Telegram.

The game allows users to convert their in-game currency to NOT tokens, attracting a large portion of Telegram’s user base.

A recent price increase has triggered a wave of short liquidations, with over $5.90 million in short positions being liquidated in the last 24 hours.

Notcoin’s innovative “Earning Missions” feature allows users to passively earn NOT tokens by engaging with other projects and communities.

Users can also increase their rewards by staking their NOT holdings, with higher tiers offering substantial returns. This combination of earning opportunities makes Notcoin a competitive proposition for both new and existing investors.


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