Over the course of the next year, Tether Holdings Inc., the stablecoin powerhouse that is responsible for USDT, has said that it intends to invest more than $1 billion in the fields of artificial intelligence and biotechnology.

Paolo Ardoino, the CEO of the company, is in charge of the investment arm of the company, which intends to make investments in a variety of industries, including data, finance, and neural implants.

The Tether investments unit is currently responsible for monitoring hundreds of proposals from entrepreneurs, and it has increased the number of employees it employs to fifteen people.

As part of its mission to disintermediate traditional finance through the use of technology that facilitates disintermediation, the company has an interest in emerging market alternative financial infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology.

It was said by Ardoino that the company has already invested more than two billion dollars in order to satisfy these interest-driven needs. It was stressed by Paolo Ardoino, the CEO of the company, that artificial intelligence computing is important for the companies that it has invested in.

Last week, a report showed that Tether’s market cap on Polygon increased by an amazing 29% QoQ to reach $792 million.