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This well-known crypto analyst suggests Bitcoin could hit $700K

Adam Back Envisions $700,000 Target, Surpassing Gold Source: Reuters

Adam Back, a well-known cryptographer and supporter of Bitcoin, has made a bold prediction that suggests a rise in the price of the crypto to an astounding $700,000.

Back’s optimism isn’t just wishful thinking; it’s also influenced by the state of the cryptocurrency market, specifically the impending halving of Bitcoin and the growing scarcity of this virtual currency.

Back provided his prediction on the social media platform X, drawing a link between the recent surge in Bitcoin and the upcoming April halving event.

These roughly four-year-old halving events have been shown in the past to be major catalysts for increases in the value of Bitcoin. The underlying principles of halving, which cut the rate of new Bitcoin creation in half, are the cause of this.

A major factor contributing to the anticipated price increase of Bitcoin is its increasing scarcity. There are fewer and fewer new Bitcoins coming into circulation with every halving event.

In the past, significant price increases have resulted from this scarcity along with growing demand, especially from financial institutions. The value of Bitcoin shot up to almost $69,000 in 2021, illustrating the possible impact of these dynamics.

Back’s forecast goes beyond just a high valuation; it also takes into account the potential for Bitcoin to outperform physical gold in terms of market value.

This audacious claim reflects the increasing awareness of Bitcoin as a hedge against conventional financial assets and a store of value.

Back says this surge could happen in the next year or two, even though his forecast is optimistic. The comparatively short timescale gives the prospective change in the dynamics of the Bitcoin market an air of immediacy.


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