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Whale transfers 50 million XRP worth around $30 million to exchanges

Recent large transfers by XRP whales, totaling $30 million worth of the token to central exchanges Source: 1000 Logos

As Ripple navigates a fierce legal battle with the SEC, XRP investors find themselves in a state of uncertainty, torn between legal victories and recent whale movements impacting the digital asset’s market dynamics.

Recent large transfers by XRP whales, totaling $30 million worth of the token to central exchanges, have sent shockwaves through the crypto community.

The move, flagged by Whale Alert, involved nearly 50 million XRP tokens exchanged to centralized financial firms, with Bitstamp and Bitso receiving substantial amounts on November 24.

Speculation looms over the intent behind these transfers, with many questioning whether the whale’s decision to sell its holdings will trigger a downturn in the XRP market price.

This sentiment is further fueled by the whale’s cumulative transfer of over 100 million XRP to central exchanges, raising concerns about potential market repercussions and a possible retreat to $0.50.

As of now, XRP is valued at $0.6228, and the full implications of the whale’s actions are yet to materialize. The past day has seen a marginal 0.04% drop in price and a notable 19.39% decline in trading volume.

Despite a 3.81% weekly gain, signs of a brewing bearish move raise questions about the short-term future.

Analyzing predictions from various sources adds complexity to the XRP narrative. PricePredictions’ machine learning algorithm foresees XRP maintaining support above $0.62 for the next 14 days, with an anticipated dip to $0.60 by the year’s end. CoinCodex, on the other hand, predicts a surge to $0.82 by November 29, reflecting a 34% growth from current levels.

Looking ahead, broader analyses suggest a potential market surge for XRP in 2024, fueled by increasing popularity and positive legal developments.

The recent legal victories, including the “non-security” label by the US Court, contribute to XRP’s allure among crypto investors, influencing its market value.


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