According to the Ethereum founder, he tested ChatGPT, an OpenAI AI chatbot, to see if it could write useful code.

Since OpenAI made the bot available for free, many developers have been investigating its capabilities and determining how much trust can be placed in it.

Buterin claimed in a blog post that the new chatbot could be a “programming aid,” but when asked for code snippets, the bot made mistakes.

Buterin stated that artificial intelligence is still a long way from replacing human programmers.

ChatGPT provides instantaneous responses by utilizing natural language processing, a type of cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT can be used to find specific programming code that can assist coders in programming applications, whether they are related to blockchains or other types of software.

Buterin claims that it can be successful and generate satisfactory code in a wide range of situations, particularly for simpler tasks.

When using ChatGPT, developers must exercise caution because it may provide incorrect code in response to questions.

Buterin stated that the project exposed him to new coding designs and that it created the base converter faster than he could.

Typically, developers use websites like StackOverflow to find ready-to-use code, but this can take a long time.