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Former President Donald Trump voiced strong concerns about CBDCs and AI

During a recent interview on Fox's Sunday Morning Futures, former President Donald Trump criticized CBDCs and AI

During a recent interview on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures, former President Donald Trump criticized central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and artificial intelligence (AI), citing their potential to jeopardize individual privacy and global security.

With Trump’s potential candidacy for the US Republican Party in the upcoming 2024 presidential election, his critical views are gaining attention.

As a means of facilitating government monitoring and financial control over private citizens, Trump attacked CBDCs, calling them “extremely dangerous.”

Further, he painted a picture of a time when CBDCs were seen as instruments for possible government overreach and threatened individual freedom.

Trump’s stance against CBDCs is a component of his economic strategy, which aims to protect individual liberties from the state’s oppressive power.

He foresaw situations in which the government could empty people’s accounts without their knowledge.

Trump’s remarks regarding AI and CBDCs are influencing public opinion and striking a chord with people who are wary of government overreach and the unbridled development of potent technologies.

These topics are anticipated to become hot-button issues as the 2024 election draws near, forcing candidates to elucidate their stances on innovation versus regulation and the preservation of individual liberty in the digital era.

In addition, Trump’s comments are pushing lawmakers, techies, and the general public to have conversations about our digital future, igniting a larger debate on technology, privacy, and government control.

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